Why English

Why English?

The origin and flowering of languages is connected with the evolution of society and its political economy not only in India but also all over the world.

English as a linguistic medium of education was instrumental in creation of the middle classes and the intelligentsia during the colonial period. English played a crucial role in the socio-economic political changes and innovation during the colonial era in India, where now, political leaders/academia/Hindi supporters are finding it difficult to substitute English with any other nationally accepted language.

One should not be surprised to know that at present, less than 3% of the Indian population is well versed in English, only secured through studying from higher secondary level and above.

English provides a person with the requisite qualification for high status and the most coveted posts in government and other sectors. It provides a measure of common standard as well as test success in almost all spheres of our society. Knowledge of English is essential for recruitment in civil services, Armed forces, police and paramilitary forces, as well as the much sought after private sector jobs. English is also the only medium to pursue higher studies in Science, Technology, Medicine, Law, etc.

One can reap benefits of investment in language learning throughout one’s career of business and personal life. One can not imagine the huge cumulative gain accured in ones total life span by learning additionally better spoken English as it opens up new possibilities and opportunities in this age of growing competition and inter-country dependence.

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