Rules and Regulations

  1. The institute wishes to cater only to serious students.
  2. The application will have to be interviewed before giving him the admission as to assess his bonafides and the right of admission will remain restricted to the satisfaction of the interviewing authority.
  3. The duration of classes is two hours everyday and a student is not supposed to be absent from the classes on any filmy pretext.
  4. If the student remain absent witout any plausible reasonfor three subsequent days shall be liable to be penalized in cash as token.
  5. The institution may allow the dialogue in hindi for initial fifteen days but after that will be fined for that.
  6. Since it is a co-educational institute,the students are supposed to maintain a restrained attitude and study in a healthy ambience.
  7. The stationary is provide by the institute.
  8. The printed study material is supplied b the institute but it is for the study purpose only and is not to be circulated.
  9. The only homework the institute imparts is only the revision of what taught day to day.
  10. The liability of any damage incurred to the gadgetory or any other kind of property of the institute will be borne by the student concern.
  11. From time to time the institute after a keen appraisal may alter batches so s to suit the student.
  12. The institute expects that the guardin of the students to remain in touch with improvement of the student.